Omkar has been supplying a wide range of industrial equipments that are made from the highest quality materials. We have become the most leading manufacturer of various HDPE Storage tank, chemical process equipment (HDEP, FRP,  industrial), PP tank, PPH tank, storage tank and FRP grating, blower and scrubber system. With the assistance of our highly skilled team we have become the most consistent exporter of these equipments in various countries.

Some of the Middle East countries where we provide our products are:

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HDPE Storage tank in Thailand

Omkar has attained a wide reach for offering the equipments that are used in chemical and pollution control industries. These products are offered in various types of dimensions and materials depending on the requirement of the client. Our range includes storage tanks, scrubber system, grating, blower, etc. made up of HDPE material. We offer them in various cities of Thailand like Bangkok, Lampang, Udon Thani, Chaing Mai, Yala, Phuket, etc.

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HDPE Storage tank in Australia

Years of experience in the market as a manufacturer have made us the most promising supplier as well as exporter of chemical and pollution control products. The diverse range consists of tanks, scrubber systems, blower, storage system and grating made up of best in class HDPE materials that are selected based on the need of the client. We export our products in all the cities of Australia: Sydney, Liverpool, Orange, Tamworth, etc. These products are offered at the most economical price range.

HDPE Storage tank in Sri Lanka

Omkar has become the brand name in domestic and international market for offering a wide range of equipments used in the industries. They are made from best quality materials to meet the international standards and completely satisfy the need of our offshore client. We offer HDPE Storage tanks in various dimensions and features that changed with the advancing technology. The list of cities where we export our tanks comprises of: Colombo, Dehiwala, Moratuwa, Kandy, etc.

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HDPE Storage tank in Nepal

We have gained an immense experience in the domain of manufacturing diverse products utilized in chemical industries. The HDPE Storage tank we offer are made utilizing the latest technology and materials to ensure their quality. The specification of these tanks is kept in accordance with the international standards. We not only supply the HDPE tank in Gujarat but we also export them in cities of Nepal including Birgunj, Patan, Hetauda, Itahari, etc.

HDPE Storage Tank in Egypt

Omkar is the foremost industry in the market for providing the most reliable tanks used in a number of industries. We provide various products like FRP and HDPE storage tanks, FRP gratings, PP, PPH and PVDF tanks and other industrial equipments. We are the leading exporter of these HDPE Storage tanks and chemical storage tanks in all the cities of Egypt including Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, Minya, Ismailia, Luxor etc.

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HDPE Storage Tank in Iran

Offering wide variety of tanks of made up of HDPE, FRP and PP material, Omkar has gained the top most position as manufacturer and exporter in the market. We have even gained a superior position as a most reliable exporter of HDPE Storage tanks in the 17th largest country in the world i.e. Iran. We even provide them in all its cities including Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Qom, Arak, etc. We make sure that we offer them in all the location in the decided time span.

HDPE Storage Tank in Iraq

Years of experience in the market has enabled us to provide the exact matching products that suit the needs of chemical and other industries in storing their products. The wide assortment of products that we offer includes FRP gratings, HDPE and FRP chemical process equipment, PP/ PVDF tanks, FRP and HDPE storage tanks. They are offered in all over the countries of world including Iraq and its various cities Basra, Hilla, Najaf, Arbil, etc. and are presented at the best price range.

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HDPE Storage Tank in Israel

We have gained vast exposure in the domain of manufacturing a number of products that are highly demanded in chemical and other substances making industry. To meet the increasing demands of the industries and suit the requirements, we offer various equipments like HDPE storage tank, chemical process equipment, etc. We offer them in all the countries and cities of Israel comprising of Jerusalem, Haifa, Holon, Beit, Ashdod, etc. We make sure that each of the product is delivered to the customer in the decided time and specifications expected by them.

HDPE Storage Tank in Kuwait

Omkar has been leading the industry as manufacturer and exporter of different equipments and tanks that are necessary in the chemical industries and other processing industries. The range of products that we offer consists of chemical process equipment, storage tanks, PP tank, molded gratings and FRP and HDPE Storage tanks. We supply these tanks and products in all over Kuwait and its cities including Hawalli, Ar Riggah, As Salimiyah, etc. at the most economic price range.

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HDPE Storage Tank in Oman

In today’s world there are various processing equipments needed in the chemical industries to handle the processes and store the manufactured product. To make the storage of chemicals simple we provide number of chemical equipments including HDPE storage tanks, FRP gratings, FRP blowers. This range of products is exported in all over the world including Oman and its towns and cities Muscat, Sohar, Ibri, Barka, etc. Each of them is offered in various sizes and specifications to suit the needs of the client.

HDPE Storage Tank in Qatar

Gaining years of experience as a manufacturer, Omkar has now become the leading name in the Indian as well as international market for providing the most reliable chemical and industrial process equipments. These equipments are highly stable and have great durability and are corrosion resistant. We offer the HDPE storage tanks in Qatar and all its cities including Abu Dhalouf, Ain Khaled, Bani Hajer, Duhali, etc. in the timeliest manner.

Saudi Arabia

HDPE Storage Tank in Saudi Arabia

There a various kinds of chemical and industrial process equipments required by the industries to conduct the processes accurately. The products that we offer are made from best quality materials and have the supreme performance even in tough conditions. The fiberglass cable tray, FRP blower, FRP scrubber system, HDPE storage tanks, etc. are exported in all the cities of Saudi Arabia like Riyadh, Medina, Tubak, Abha, etc. at the most economic price range.

HDPE Storage Tank in Turkey

Omkar has been manufacturing and exporting the best in grade industrial process equipments that help industries store the chemicals accurately. The industrial hopper, scrubber system, gratings, HDPE storage tank are offered to the customers in the domestic as well as international market. We export them in all the cities and towns including Istanbul, Konya, Mersin, Samsun, etc. We ensure that we present them in the most reasonable price range and customized features required by the client.

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HDPE Storage Tank in United Arab Emirates

We present a wide assortment of chemical process equipments, gratings, scrubbers and storage tanks having the latest features and customized specifications. The cities in UAE where we export our HDPE storage tanks are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dibba, etc. These equipments and products are offered in the timeliest manner and in the standards as well as modified format on the request of the customer.