Omkar is the leading manufacturer and exporter of HDPE tank to store various corrosive liquids. Years of experience in the manufacturing field has enables us to understand the needs of the industry and provide them with the best suitable HDPE tank to storage. The High Density Polyethylene material is highly crystalline thermoplastic polyolefin that is used to make the HDPE tanks. This material has a great ability to withstand the chemicals and avoid any kind of reaction with the tank and maintain the quality of chemical stored in them.

The HDPE tank are used for storing chemicals that we manufacture are designed and fabricated using premium quality of polyethylene. The tanks we provide have gained wide appreciation because of the special features like non-corrosive, durable, leak proof and light in weight characteristics. The range of our HDPE Storage tank is widely used to store highly corrosive chemicals and even allows to conduct pickling process at high temperature. These tanks are best option to solve the problem of storing highly corrosive, abrasive acids and chemicals for long duration. Advanced technology for welding is utilized to fabricate these HDPE tanks to ensure that they do not leak from any of the corners.

HDPE Acid Tank manufacture in India

Special Features:

  • Anti corrosive
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Withstand high temperature
  • Leak proof
  • Least maintenance
  • Economic cost
  • Customizable

These HDPE tanks are available in different shapes like horizontal, vertical, cylindrical, conical bottom and rectangular shape. They also vary in the size depending on the quantity of chemical that is to be stored in it. The HDPE tank can fulfill the need to store acids like HCl, NaOH, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, etc. We serve to satisfy the requirement of our client by the offering a quality range of HDPE tanks that vary in capacity to store the chemical and are even customized on the need of the client.