The chemical rector is a complex reaction vessel that contains substances which change form after reactions. These chemical reactors are designed keeping in mind various aspects of chemical engineering. We ensure that the chemical reactor handles the whole process of reaction and works with highest efficiency to yield the desired output. The HDPE tanks that are used for chemical reactor can handle one or more solids and can even handle the fluids. These reactors can run in steady state and transient state. The features and dimension of the tank are selected based on the quantity of material which is to be stored and processes that are to be performed in it.

We feel proud in introducing ourselves as the manufacturer of HDPE  Storage Tank Manufacturer made from advanced spiral technology. These tanks are sturdy and temperature resistant in order to effectively handle and manage the reactions taking place in them. We fabricate these tanks for special purpose to efficiently hold the chemicals and execute the processes. Performing the chemical reactions in these tanks is safe and easy as there is no risk of leakage. These tanks have special features including level indicator, control valve, input and output valve for introduction and safe removal of chemicals.


  • Best quality HDPE
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Least maintenance
  • Leak proof
  • Withstand reactive chemicals
  • Temperature resistant
  • Customizable
  • Various shape and size of tank


The HDPE tanks have mass transfer, heat transfer and circulation of liquid in addition to safety and controls. We provide both the type of chemical reactor tanks: batch reactor and continuous reactor. The tanks are designed after considering the criteria’s like the type of reaction, need of catalyst, production capacity and mode of temperature and pressure control. We offer a wide variety of HDPE chemical reactor tanks at the most economic price range.