Acids are highly reactive and they have to be handled with care. To store them special storage tanks are prepared that can hold them safely. Omkar is the chief manufacturer of acid storage tank that are prepared from HDPE material. The specification that we offer for the tanks are kept under the industrial standards. The strong reactivity tolerance enables it to handle the acids easily. The hdpe storage tanks we offer vary in shape and size, which helps the client to choose the best tanks that matches their requirements. They can even withstand high temperature.

We use HDPE material for manufacturing this acid storage tank because of their stability and reliability. They can withstand the chemical properties of acid and do not react with it. We offer these tanks in various shapes like square, rectangle, conical, cylindrical based on the requirement of the client. These acid storage tanks are used in  various industries including chemical, fertilizer, etc. We give precise attention in manufacturing of these tanks in order to make them leak proof and faultless. They meet the high quality standards of various domestic as well as international industries.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • No maintenance
  • Strong structure
  • Leak proof
  • Long lifespan
  • Various shapes
  • Great finishing
Acid Tank manufacture

Omkar stands among the most renowned company for offering a wide range of HDPE acid storage tanks. The manufacturing of these tanks is done under completely stable conditions and supervision of experts that control all the process. The HDPE material used for making the tank is of high quality and has great stability to store acids maintaining their characteristics. The range we offer as made keeping in mind the need of industries and location at which the tank is to be used.