FRP Pultruded gratings are composed of nearly 70% of glass and 30% of resin content in it. We are manufacturer of great quality of FRP pultruded gratings that have double stiffness because of the composition ratio kept in it. This enables you to spread the FRP pultruded gratings over a long distance and in those application areas where long span support is needed. Pultruded FRP gratings consist of continuous glass filament covered in resin. This protects the fiber and allows the resin to saturate and penetrate between the fibers.

Omkar is a pioneer manufacturer of FRP pultruded gratings. The stiffness in the gratings allows to span it for a greater distance and are strong. We are famous throughout the world for providing the best quality of FRP pultruded gratings. These FRP gratings we offer are considered as better compared to other metallic gratings. The range of gratings are manufactured and intended for utilization in a variety of applications where strength is necessary. The pultruded gratings have unidirectional mesh configuration and have maximum glass content in it.

FRP Grating supplied for swimming pool

Special features:

  • Strong
  • Light weight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Least maintenance
  • Long life span
  • Customized dimension
  • Less cost

The specifications that we offer in the gratings are generally kept in the industry standards, but we also customize them as per the needs. The FRP pultruded gratings have great durability and stiffness, making them an ideal choice for applications that require long span of the grating. The mesh size of gratings is kept according to the location where it is to be used. The product is selected keeping in mind the flooring application, slip resistance and environment in which it is used. Depending on all these criteria the price range of the suitable FRP pultruded grating is offered to the client.