Fiberglass grating is a composite material made up of resin and fiberglass. They do not corrode so they are mostly preferred compared to other steel gratings. Fiberglass grating have great stability in various conditions. They are specially used in corrosive environments as it reduces the maintenance cost.  We are specialist in fiberglass gratings of both molded and pultruded gratings in FRP material. The main advantage of these gratings is that they do not require any kind of special maintenance or care as it is needed in steel gratings.

Omkar provides a diverse range of the fiberglass gratings that come in various size and shape of the mesh. The dimension of the mesh is customizable based on the location where they are to be used. They have great strength compared to steel and they do not corrode or break down easily. The fiberglass grating has anti-skid coating for enhanced grip. The major benefit of the gratings is that their weight is really light, hence it becomes easy to transport them. The glass in it improves the strength and also increases the safety level as it protects from fire.

Fiberglass Gratings supplied

Special Features:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Increased safety level
  • High life durability
  • Least maintenance
  • Slip resistance
  • Simple construction
  • Economic cost

The range of fiberglass gratings is prepared in such a way that they can be used in an industrial location. The fabrication is done from best quality of materials bought from top retailers to ensure their working capacity. These Fiberglass gratings act as a replacement for other materials like steel, aluminum, etc. Our clients can select from a number of choices of fiberglass grating that vary in spacing, bar shape, custom fabrication, color, etc. they are offered at the most economic price range compared to other dealers in the market.