Fiberglass cable tray is an arrangement made up of various pieces of fittings used to form a rigid structure to firmly fasten or support the cables. Fiberglass Cable trays even help in fitting and distributing the cables in an appropriate way. Fiberglass cable tray is considered as the most widely used and reliable cable trays. As these trays are made up of fiberglass, the strength to weight ratio is high. Having glass content in it, the fiberglass cable tray does not change much like contraction or expansion with the change in temperatures. This makes them the best option in the locations where the temperature keeps on changing.

Omkar provides a wide assortment of Fiberglass cable tray that has been tested in various environments to check their performance. The tray has great load bearing capacity similar to the steel. The un-matching characteristics such as strength, anti-corrosive, non conductive and longer life span make them special and more preferable in the domestic and international market. The cable tray is made from the highest quality of pultruded material that make them durable as well as resistant to any chemical reactivity.

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Uses of Fiberglass Cable Tray

  • Support cables
  • Low voltage communication cables
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Hydraulic tubing
  • Individual wiring and tubing
  • Corrosive environments

Special Features:

  • Volume resistivity
  • Dielectric strength
  • Stable in low and high temperature
  • UV resistance
  • Long life span
  • Light weight
  • Small size for cleaner looks

We rank among the most trusted manufacturer of the fiberglass cable tray that are durable and stable in environmental changes. These trays can even protect from UV rays. Being of glass, there is no sparking while working with the tray ensuring the safety of the user. The fiberglass cable tray is used in various industries like chemical plants, power plants, paper plants, refineries, etc. The configuration of these trays is kept according to the industry and the requirement of the client and is presented at the most competitive price that is suitable to the clients.