There are number of processes that are executed in a chemical industry. For the proper execution of the process special chemical process equipments are required according to the type of process that is to be performed. The type of equipments that we offer consists of storage tank, centrifugal blower, wet scrubber, ducting, etc. We make them in different kind of materials like FRP, PP, HDPE, etc. as per the client’s requirement. The specifications of these equipments are kept under industry standards for making them suitable for use in various domestic and international industries.

Omkar ranks among the leading manufacturer of diverse range of chemical process equipments that are useful to execute various kinds of processes. The construction of these equipments are kept in such a way that they are completely leak proof and can stay stable while the chemical processes are carried out.  The material is selected in competence to the type of chemical which it has to deal with. Each chemical process equipment is embedded with many features that improve their quality and performance. We have assigned special professionals to check the quality of the equipment and deliver perfect products.

Chemical Process Equipment supplied

Special Features:

  • Compact design
  • Highly durable
  • Least maintenance
  • Easy functioning
  • Economic cost
  • Various material

We have gained noteworthy reputation as manufacturer, supplier and exporter of chemical process equipment. Each of them is made with extreme care and precision to ensure complete safety of person who operates the equipments. Some of the equipments have to deal with highly reactive chemicals, so the composition and material is kept that they can handle them carefully. The chemical process equipment range from rotary dryer, blower, storing tank to ducting are provided in various specification at the most competitive price range.