Omkar stands as the brand name in the market as manufacturer of chemical process equipment which is used in various processes executed in chemical industries. Depending on the type of process the equipment is selected. We provide a wide range of chemical equipments for carrying out a number of processes. The equipments that we offer includes storage tank, reaction vessel, vacuum tank, chemical reactor, etc. These equipments are made from the best quality materials to ensure the highest class in them.

We are also renowned in the market for being the most reliable supplier and exporter of the chemical process equipments. They are offered by us in various dimensions and materials which are selected based on the industry and the processes in which it is to be used. The chemical process equipments use specialized equipments, materials and technology for their manufacturing. We offer them in a wide assortment of specifications that perfectly meet the needs of the clients.

Chemical Process Equipment

After gaining years of experience, Omkar has become the chief manufacturer of HDPE chemical process equipments. The main reason of using HDPE material is its great stability and durability. These features make them famous among the clients and are preferred over other materials for constructing the equipments. The wide range of products that we make include: HDPE tanks, reaction vessel, nutsche, hopper, scrubber systems, etc.  The equipments we offer are more stable for use in chemical process that are executed in various industries.

The HDPE material that we utilize in the manufacturing process is purchased from the top retailers in the market to ensure the quality of our products. The latest technology that we use in the fabrication process adds to improve the standard of our equipments. They are made according to the industry specific dimensions and features that are followed in the domestic as well as international market. We even rank as the most prominent supplier and exporter of these chemical process equipments.

Chemical Process Equipment Manufacturer

FRP (Fiber reinforced plastic) material is composed of polymer matrix that is toughened using fibers like glass, carbon, basalt, etc. The chemical process equipments made from FRP offer high thermal stability, rigidity as well as resistance to corrosion. The equipments we offer are made using excellent quality of material that make them the first choice of the clients. The range we offer consists of: FRP grating, storage tanks, reaction vessels, blower, pipes and fittings, ducting, etc.

We have attained a great reputation in the market as a manufacturer of this chemical process equipment. They are made under the guidance of quality experts and trained professional that handle all the processes. We utilize the latest technology and processes for fabrication of these equipments. After gaining years of experience, we have achieved the trust of our clients in the market as the most reliable supplier and exporter of the FRP chemical process equipment.

Chemical Process Equipment Exporter

There are various equipments that are needed in the industries for carrying out various processes. We offer a number of chemical process equipments that are made up of best quality materials. The range we offer comprises of storage tanks, gratings, hopper, reactor, etc. These equipments are fabricated in the machines that are equipped with the latest technology for getting the best quality.

As a manufacturer, we have gained the top most position in the market because of the high standard chemical process equipment. They are designed by our most experience professionals and made under their guidance. The quality of our equipments is checked by the quality experts and verified under various tests. We offer a wide range of products that are available in different specifications as per the need of clients. We are even the most renowned supplier and exporter of a great assortment of chemical process equipment.