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Founded in the year 2014 by Mr. Bharat Raj Purohit, Omkar Composite Pvt. Ltd. has become a chief manufacturer of HDPE storage tanks that are used for storing various chemicals. It is an associate company of Om Glass Fiber Equipments which was established by Mr. Ramesh Raj Purohit nearly 30 years ago. We produce the highest quality of storage tanks that are utilized for storing as well as processing of chemical and reactors. The HDPE tanks that we offer are prepared using the most advanced Wegener German Welding Technology and Leister Switzerland Welding Technology.


HDPE stands for High-density polyethylene which is a polyethylene thermoplastic that is obtained from petroleum. HDPE tanks are known for their high strength and density. These tanks are harder and can easily withstand high temperature.

Why choose our HDPE Storage tank ?

Our skilled experts design the HDPE tanks and their quality are checked under strict quality control processes. The manufacturing of these tanks is done with proper controlled conditions using the top grade materials.

HDPE Storage tank price in India

The price of HDPE tanks depends on the size and features that are embedded into the tank. We provide a wide range of HDPE tanks that are available in various size and shape as per the requirement of the clients. We offer them at the most reasonable price compared to anyone in the market.

Applications of HDPE Storage tank

HDPE Storage Tank Manufacturer

Our company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and the quality standards are kept in accordance to BS and DVS standards. The welding technology that we use for manufacturing our tanks is the latest and advanced so the tanks have completely impeccable joints that avoid leakage. The services we provide allows the client to flexibly select the tank that exactly match their requirements.

As a manufacturer, we take note of each and every HDPE tank that is supplied to our customers and verify that they are made exactly as the client wants it. The skilled workforce enables us to provide the prefect tanks for handling the processes. Omkar composite has become the leading industry since the establishment for providing a wide assortment of storage tanks  that are fabricated utilizing the best grade HDPE material. We even supply and export these HDPE storage tank in the domestic and international market.

HDPE Tank Market in India
HDPE Tank In Mumbai HDPE Acid Tank In Delhi HDPE Aquaculture Tank In Bangalore HDPE Cone Bottom Tank In Hyderabad
HDPE Chemical Tank In Ahmedabad HDPE Conical Tank In Chennai HDPE Diesel Tank In Kolkata HDPE Dosing Tank In Surat
HDPE Dip Tank In Pune HDPE Day Tank In Jaipur HDPE Tank Fittings In Lucknow HDPE Fuel Tank In Kanpur
HDPE Fish Tank In Nagpur HDPE Gas Tank In Visakhapatnam HDPE Holding Tank In Indore HDPE Inductor Tank In Thane
HDPE Water Tank Liner In Bhopal HDPE Oil Tank In Patna HDPE Plastic Tank In Vadodara HDPE Rectangular Tank In Uttar Pradesh
HDPE Water Tank In Punjab HDPE Storage Tank In Tamil Nadu HDPE Water Storage Tank In Maharashtra HDPE Chemical Storage Tank In Gujarat
HDPE Chemical Storage Tanks In Chandigarh HDPE Bulk Storage Tanks In Jabalpur HDPE Vertical Storage Tank In Tamilnadu HDPE Storage Tank in Surat
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We as a manufacturer of HDPE storage tanks have gained a great reputation in the domestic as well as international market. The workforce that we have is selected after conducting various tests. We even provide extra training to our employees so that they can utilize the latest technology and accurately operate the machines.

Over three decades of experience has empowered us to precisely understand the customer’s necessity and configure the HDPE storage tanks in a way that they impeccably fit the requirements. The extraordinary attributes of our items like corrosion resistance, reliability, quality, long service life, security that are conceivable by the utilization of best quality materials and give flawless finishing and smooth surface. We even streamline every last tank that is utilized for storing various chemicals to suit the need of the plant. We give various customization alternatives from which the customer can browse to precisely coordinate the kind of tank that they need.